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3D Miniature

3D Miniature usually breakdown to 2 sections. One is single item miniature which is built to detail. Another is miniature build to compliment a bigger project or parts on scale model. 

The ship miniature on the right is an example of a single item miniature which is built to detail. It is mostly a custom design for a specific item to be used as a small replica for showcase.

The material varies and can be a combinations of PVC, PU resin, Metal or Titanium.



to complement


The Showcase model on the left is an example of a miniature which is built to complement a bigger project.

In this example, the cars was custom printed using an actual Toyota latest car model. The car simulation area is also a custom 3D printed


Even with the latest technology, building a finish miniature is not easy as it sound. The 3D printing technology does help on getting the right detailing and fast. However, to get the final product still takes lots of creativity and human skills.

Making a car miniature for example. 3D printing machine prints the basic block according to the 3D designs detail. However the finishing is rough and the colour is monotonous following the material basic colour. The next step is critical, which is the finishing and detailing. This process needs a lot of creativity and man hours. Some require a paint brush detailing and some with airbrush finishing.

The main hurdle is time. In order to get a great finishing requires time. It is normally a tricky part as most clients need their project urgently. We shall try to meet the dead line as close as possible by managing our man power, but there are some we just have to decline as we don't want to compromise with our quality

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