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Architectural Model

An architectural model is a type of scale model - a physical representation of a structure - built to study aspects of an architectural design or to communicate design ideas.

Depending on the purpose, models can be made from a variety of materials, including blocks, paper, and wood, and at a variety of scales.

Our clients mostly an architect firm or property developer. It will be a show case for their products for the clients to see. It will be the exact scale size and design as the actual but ini a miniature size.


Building Miniature

There are two types of building miniature. One is to scale which is build to match the exact scale size and design of the real subject.

The other one would be a building miniature which is made to show a concept or an idea. It will be build base on rough sketch or an artist impression and it would not be a perfect scale size to the actual subject


For the to scale model, we can say, as long as the CAD drawing could draw it, we can build it. It can be a high rise building, acres of development site plan, details house and interiors, unique engineering structures or engineering process, we can do it and we have done it.


We combined the technology of lesser cutter and 3D printing with our manual hand made skills to deliver every job to its perfection. We have a pool of creative and experience artist that help us to be able to deliver every project to the highest of a quality


The material we use is a combination of cardboard, art board, acrylic, plastic, raisin, wire, metal, wood, glass and etc.   

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