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Miniature Diorama

Miniature dioramas are typically much smaller than the actual size, and use scale models and landscaping to create arts expression, historical or fictional scenes.

The diorama effect or “diorama illusion” is an interesting way to get a new perspective on your favorite photographic subjects

Normally diorama builds by hobbyist. The detailing requires arts skill and lots of passion. In NA Miniature, we sometimes combines the diorama touch to a miniature product showcase. It is more attractive and invites more crowds as compared to a normal miniature showcase.

We call it hybrid Diorama





Miniaturizing real life subject with the diorama effect.


The picture on the left, was our project for Pangkor Incinerator showcase miniature model

For a normal showcase, the landscape will look like a housing development showcase model. A green grass and trees. However for this build, we give it a diorama touch, where you can see the details of the rocks and landscape close to a real looks. Its colour tone, ageing, makes it beautiful. Carefully modelled subject and scenery that is made to look like the real thing. It is like bringing paintings to life.


It is more presentable, more attractive and crowd puller. Therefore, it has been an increasing trends for a company to showcase their subject using hybrid miniature.

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