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3D Printing Technology

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

3D printing technology is another mile-stone for scale model making. We use to hand made everything. That day has passed. We are now able to make miniature 10 times faster and to the exact detail. So detail to the point that it can be functional. With verity of materials to choose from, starting from PVC, silicone, metal and titanium.

ship details, made using 3D printing technology
MV Sarafina

Functional Miniature/Model/Object

The technology enable us to make something totally new from a design concept or idea. However most of the time it was used for making an actual object to functional. It is useful especially in a medical line. We have done lots of implant for medical centre and their patients. Data derived from MRI and translated to our software for printing.

Titanium Implant

3D Print;

Miniature &scale model

With 3D printing technology, making a scale model or miniature become easier and faster. However there is a matter of detailing and finishing which involve a hand made touch and creativity.

NA Miniature is superior in that sense whereby we have pool of talented artist which started their carrier by doing everything manually.

To cut short, we can build almost everything with the combination of a conventional building methods, creativity and the advance technology. We don't just build/make, we do it with style and highest of finishing and artistic quality.

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