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Challenges in scale model making: Repairs and modification!

The business of scale model making is not only about building it. The challenges also comes after. That is when clients wants to do some changes or modification to it. The extensive of the challenge will depends very much on the size of the scale, the amount of changes and how detail we need it to be.

It is easier to manage repairs or modification requirement if the model was built by us because we know the structures, the foundation and the material used. The real challenge is when it is not.

repairs and modification tasking
Masterplan: Southkey Development, Johor Bahru

Managing post production challenges

The above image was an example of a displayed scale model produced by other model maker. It is a master plan of the Southkey Development project in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The task given was first to quote the price of a repair work on some damages, modify and rebuilt some sectors due to the changes in its latest design and to clean and to do a restoration on some faded colour items.

Study the requirement, study the subject and make a step by step planning.

How to start

First we need to assess the model materials. Checking any foreign material which we are not used to. At the same time, studying the structure and production method. The layout, the foundation, the electrical and wiring design.

With the above information we will start to calculate the costing on the materials and man hour. This will include the mobilisation and transportation cost. We need to give an accurate costing to the client and a manageable time frame. In order to do it as precise as we can, we need to develop a mile stone mapping and make sure we keep up to it. This will ensure professionalism in our work and delivery.

Do a complete and detail assessment, plan a do-able timeline and come out with the right costing and make an achieve-able timeframe promise; -"professionalism"

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