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Arts in Miniature & Model Making

Scale Model making is not just for serious business. For all the arts collectors, this could be an addition to your collection. You can replicate your fond memories growing up in kampung in a smaller detail scale miniature model/diorama. For the scale cars collector, they can display their precious limited edition cars in an acrylic box diorama, miniature of his home garage, or arts landscape.

Some train collectors would appreciate a miniature landscape where there are tunnels, bridges, town or villages where his train can go around it. In short, the arts of miniature is limitless. Depends on how deep is the imagination and creativity of the artist doing it.

The above is an example of a Diorama on Hotwheels car collectors. Scale 1/64, you can see the details of a shopfronts, with public phone, bunting, signages and etc. You can be as detail as you'd like it to be. It would surely impressed your house guest. To be able to capture every detail in your zoom camera, the picture would definitely be an Instagram worthy.

For those who are interested to make their own diorama, there are plenty of youtube tutorial out there. But what i can share here is, you need to learn basic 3D printing. The rest is all art board cutting, gluing, pasting and painting. Master the scale sizing so your arts would not be out proportion. The rest is all about your imaginations. Drop us an email if you need any help.

Good Luck!

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