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Making Water Resistant Model/Miniature

Making a miniature for underwater display is a challenge. We need to make sure the material used can sustain underwater condition over long period. On top of that, the join glue, the printing and paint finish has to be water resistant as well.

For this model we use 3D print with resin base raw material. This material is strong but easy to sand to perfect shape. After it harden, it can sustain the underwater condition as long as it is not at boiling temperature.

For a perfect label, we use 3M highest quality cut sticker and top with multiple layer gloss clear coat. The clear coat is the top of the range which is used for luxury car top coat paint.

Since this miniature is used for display on normal water in an acrylic tank, this clear coat is good enough. However if it used for harsh condition such as salt water with current and wave, we recommend to use ceramic coating on top of the clear coat.

This coating will protect the printing and the paint from the water. Over time, if it gets cloudy, it can be easily polished using car polish. Therefore the coating has to be thick, so it can be sand should the polishing could not remove some dirt or fungus.

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