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Miniature Product Display

Some company wants to have all their product displayed in one area. To make it more presentable, it needs to be placed exactly in its location. In this posting we are featuring a model and miniature project for Nano Malaysia Berhad. Their project involved indoor and out door products. The challenge for this is to choose a scale that fits the base size requirement and at the same time could fit all the featured products with the right sizes.

The problem always been to set the size between the larges and the smallest item. Some time by following the scale, the smallest item will be too small to see. Therefore, we will need to adjust a little bit to make it visible and in this case the scale will not be a 100% following the site/building scale. This is where experience can be essential.

Another challenge is to recreate an exact miniature of the clients product. Most of the time, their product are unique and they need it to look exactly like the actual. Therefore, here is where the 3D printing technology plays major role. On top of that, we need a creative person to do the finishing.

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