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Every great ideas and invention starts with a scale model. An architectural model-a for instance, is a physical representation of a structure - built to study aspects of an architectural design or to communicate design ideas.

Some just want a miniature of their products for display, as a gift or personal collection.

NA Miniature Scale Model Maker


3D Miniature

Using high-tech 3D printing technology. The detail can be as per the actual object and it can be made functional if required. The choice of material is PVC, silicon, metal or titanium. 


 A 3D, full-size replica or scale model of a landscape typically showing detail arts, historical events, nature scenes or cityscapes, for purposes of arts showcase, education or entertainment


Hand built with laser cutting technology.A scale model of an architectural design complete with the display accessories and led lightings.

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Since 2010, NA Miniature has been one of the leading architectural model makers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Working within your budget and time frame, our laser driven components coupled with our fine hand craftsmanship bring your sketches, preliminary designs or construction documents to meticulously detailed full color life as a 3-dimensional physical architectural scale model. Working from the raw topography to the top of the chimney, we incorporate every detail that you can draw into reality, and can add many different styles of custom architectural lighting if you wish. We do NOT miss deadlines and we will never promise delivery of a model if the timeframe is such that we know we cannot deliver it by your deadline.


We are hoping you will join our growing list of prestigious and satisfied clients from every realm of the architectural and real estate development world.


We can customize your model base cabinetry and display to match the décor of your sales office to make your architectural scale model become part of the built-in physical environment, and your sales team's most effective sales tool.


We include you in the model construction process with photographic updates for your approval all along the way, right up to a final set of photographs to be approved before delivery of your completed model.


Enjoy browsing our online portfolio of architectural models. If you like what you see, please contact us for more information on how we can help bring your vision to reality.

We build your imagination to scale

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NA Miniature Scale Model Maker

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